Montag, 26. November 2012

linking words Übung II

Hier nochmal eine Übung zu nützlichen linking words in Form eines Comments über Mannheim.
Setze das jeweils richtige linking word in die Lücke. Ich empfehle dir, die Wörter bei den davorstehenden Kästchen abzuhaken (einfach aufs Kästchen draufklicken), wenn du sie eingesetzt hast, um die Übersicht zu behalten darüber, was bereits eingesetzt wurde und was nicht.
Viel Erfolg!

Zur Auswahl stehende linking words / phrases:

of course
this is best exemplified
for instance
in general
first of all
apart from that


, it must be said that Mannheim is a big town. there is a lot of traffic and due to that, the air in the city centre is polluted.  , there is another great disadvantage concerning the traffic. The most popular public transportation, the tram, is very expensive. The VRN does not offer many solutions for citizens who travel much by tram, not every day.

, Mannheim is also a town that has many positive aspects. , it is a great place to educate yourself. in the huge and very beautiful university which also has a very good reputation. But there are also other schools for higher education. A very famous example is the Popakademie that has a unique orientation.
Mannheim is also a great town to live cultural establishments such as the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum which shows an exposition dealing with the birth of photography. , people who love theatres will love the Nationaltheater with its great range of plays and operas.

, freetime can be spent in other ways too. Many people do sports and want to choose from many possibilities. modern and exotic sports like Jin Jutsu gain popularity, but also fitness centres and yoga clubs have many fans. In Mannheim, you have all these possibilities and even a "sport centre", the Pfeifferswörth, where you have many sport clubs and a place where you can go climbing. , the sport equipment vendor engelhorn frequently offers little journeys to go skiing or snowboarding in the Schwarzwald.

, Mannheim can be called a beautiful town where you can live well. There are some disadvantages
the pollution or the traffic, but these apply for nearly every greater town. , there are several aspects like the cultural offering or the possibilities of education and sports that make Mannheim a place that is worth to be called awesome.

Die Reihenfolge im Aufklappmenü entspricht der Reihenfolge der richtig eingesetzten Wörter im Lückentext

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