Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Nächster Aufgabenbogen

participal constructions

Anbei einige Aufgaben zum Thena Partizipialfügungen (participal constructions): Forme aus den Infinitiven in den Klammern die richtigen Partizipien.

1. He saw his friend (go) out with Sue.

2. The bus crashed into the blue car (drive) down the hill.

3. Peter hurt his leg (do) karate.

4. The umbrella (find) at the bus stop belongs to John Smith.

5. The people (dance) in the street are all very friendly.

6. I heard my mother (talk) on the phone.

7. My uncle always has his car (wash).

8. We stood (wait) for the taxi.

9. (look) down from the tower we saw many people walking in the streets.

10. The people drove off in a (steal) car.


►Die Reihenfolge im Aufklappmenü entspricht der Reihenfolge der richtig eingesetzten Verben in den Aufgaben.

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