Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Nächster Aufgabenbogen

Aufgabe: Forme aus den Infinitiven in den Klammern die richtige Zeitform und setze sie in die Lücken ein. In zwei Lücken sind Partizipialkonstruktionen einzusetzen. In den Klammern steht dann "Partizipialkonstruktion | ... " Mit ... ist der Infinitiv des Verbs gemeint, welches zur Partizipialkonstruktion gemacht werden soll.

Zum Schluss können wie immer die Lösungen eingesehen werden.

Yesterday, I (study) maths in order to reach a good mark in the test tomorrow. I (hope) the results (please) my parents, because they (talk) to my teacher last week and (find out) that I (not participate) much in the last lessons.. I (not want) that they (complain) about me any more.


My classmates (be) often very rude to each other. Sometimes, my teachers (try) to punish them for their behaviour, but that (not improve) the situation. Especially Sam, a very shy boy, is often (choose) as a target. Last monday, they (call) him bad names so that he even (begin) to cry. We (get) the results of a test in the lesson before that (happen) - I (think) many boys just (want) to feel better after (Partizipialkonstruktion | confront) with their own failures by (Partizipialkonstruktion | bully) others.
I (hear) that his parents (want) the teacher to tell us how dangerous bullying can be, but I (doubt) that the ignorant teachers (change) something.


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